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Everyone deserves a life of happiness and peace, and a regular practice of gratitude is a surefire way to achieve it!

The practice of gratitude helps change your thoughts and bring balance, happiness, and joy to your day-to-day life. It is proven that consistent daily habits quickly become second nature and can greatly improve happiness levels while providing stress relief, personal growth, mindfulness, and wellness. This daily practice will reduce overall life tension and negative self-talk, and increase your confidence and joy. With regular gratitude and self-reflection, you will soon realize you are more than what happens to you. You are in control of your life.

This journal takes only a few minutes a day, with simple prompts for both the morning and the evening. There are six months of pages included. Anyone can do this. There is no skill required and no journaling experience necessary. The only thing you need is the desire to change your life. Start today and gratitude will become a habit in no time at all.

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